Monday, December 26, 2011


Firstly, pppppI like to congrats my nephew for joining the daddy-club. Today he welcome his first child, a beautiful princess name Nurina Qurratu Ain to the world. She is such a joy. And today also I am officially become a 'nanny' or ' grandma' to her by default. Lolz.
Life is full of surprises, and sometimes a good thing happened at the wrong time. I am having a mixed feeling about it and though I had talked thru it with hubby and we have come to a conclusion, there is still this nagging feeling. Fear. I am so scared thinking about it. How are we going to cope? What shall we do? 
As it is we are already so stressful with what we have now. Sometimes I wonder where have I gone wrong throughout my life. Why it is so hard for me to get something when someone next to me can get it easily? 
But something strike while I was watching tv earlier. This 'goodness' came to ME because ALLAH wants me to change my lifestyle. HE wants me to become a better Muslim then what I am now. ALLAH is always the merciful and HE is giving me another chance to get pcloser to HIM more. Subahanallah! 
I am thankful though it is not what I had hope for but if it is GOD's will, I shall embrace it.

In Shaa Allah, 

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