Thursday, January 13, 2011

winter is finally here

Today the weather is extremely cold. Winter is here already.
I opened the balcony door to let the cold wind enter the house.
No Air-con is needed. ;)
Hubby is on medical leave and he was resting n working from home
the whole afternoon.
By 6pm, night falls. I made banana fritters for snack requested by
hubby and microwave popcorn for the kids.
The kids are enjoying themselves...
This kind of weather is best time to cuddle with love ones.
Unfortunately, hubby is busy playing his Playstation
My 7 yrs old is busy playing games from the computer.
My 4 yrs old is busy playing *house* with her 3 yrs old
sister in their room with the nanny.
My 1 yr old boy is busy climbing the sofa and eating
and climbing. lolz

So much for cuddling. eh.

Happy weekend!

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