Thursday, January 13, 2011

Asthma attack

Yesterday, I received a call from hubby's colleague.
My husband got a sevear asthma attack and they had to call the ambulance
to bring him to WELCARE Hospital in AL Garhoud.
At that time I was out with my girl at Arabian Centre.
I rushed home to get ready but his friend called me and said
his condition is stablized except for his swollen eyes.
The asthma was caused by the allergy reaction.
He caught the allergy after eating his breakfast of anchovies fritters
which was prepared by my maid.
And then he took his multi-vitamins right after the meal.
So i guessed the density of the anchovies do amok to his
system when he took his vitamins.
Anyhow, I too caught the asthma by very mild. AFter I ate two
pieces of the fritters. I coughed so hard and had difficulty breathing.
Luckily, I have my spare ventolins pump and quickly took 3 breath.

Today, he is better except for his swollen eyes.
I thank GOD that nothing serious happened to my hubby.
Take care,habibie.

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