Monday, April 12, 2010

My Mother.

Everyone is proud of their parents.
And obviously, I am proud of mine too.
Especially my mother.
Yup, sometimes she can be very annoying with her
never-ending nagging.
Sometimes about me (especially my weight), sometimes about my helper,
and sometimes about my marriage.
Of course, theres time I get so fed up with her theory of a good husband
or a good wife.
But well, she is my mother and I know she just want the best
for me. (eventhough I am already a mother of 4 kids..hehe).
well mothers!

Mothers day is round the corner.
There wont be any fancy dinner
or any present. Yup. I felt lousy.
But I know this is not what she wants.
The best gift that I ever give her is the fact that
And she get to stay with me and spend her time with my 4 noisy children.

Ok. My mum. or Mother which i accustomed of calling her.
She is a very tough woman.
Though how tired she is, yet, without hesitatation, she will accompany
my father to NKF dialysis 3x in a week.
In order to save what little money that she has now, she will push
my father who is on wheel-chair two bus-stop away frm our house.
Which in my opinion is quite far.
and she has been taking care of father for the past 10 yrs.
She is 73 yrs old.
And she never asked help for her children. Unless it is

And I admired her for that.
She may not hv many or any friend. She is a lone ranger.
ANd she admitted that from her wild days, it is hard
for her to make friend.
Her only friend is her younger sister.
And she is very fierce. A tigeress.
I used to joke with father everytime mother
lose her temper . I will whisper and said
*lamak harimau dah mengamuk*.lolz

Father always get scolded from her but i knew she meant well.
She will always praised father when he is not around. She wil tell
me how father treated her in the past. And she want the same for me.

I knew that she is very tired taking care of father but she still
carry on doing her duty. YA ALLAH, moga2 ibu ku dapat pahala
sebesar2 nyer and di-letakkan ditempat orang2 yg beriman amin.

Sometimes I wonder, do i hv that loyalty, strength to take care
of my husband shall anything happen to him. Only time will tell.
As for now, I prayed for good health for my hubby and happiness
to both my parents. I might not be able to give them in $$ form
to show my gratitute but hopefully, my DOA'a after every
prayer will put them in Heaven. Amin.


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Good of u & good of ur mom to hav some1 like u.