Thursday, January 15, 2009

Its raining, its pouring

The kids got excited when they see rain. yup, yesterday, dubai was covered with heavy rains with ligtning & thunder.
When we left batuta ard 9plus, some of the roads outside was flooded. The most flooded area to the knee high is near the Greens. Luckily, we drove a 4x4 but hubby tried to drives slowly. When they saw the pool of water outside, they were so excited and haqeem even said that he wants to hv a swim. lol. He said he dont mind getting muddy, yelah tu.
When other cars drove by and splashed water on our car, they were laughing. jakun kan anak2 aku. Then, they started singing Barney's song, rain rain go away..or its raining, its pouring..blah blah...They were having so much fun just being confined in a car. KIDS! They always know how to find a good fun out of a bad situations. heh.
Btw, no pictures were taken coz i hvnt charge my camera battery leh.

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