Friday, January 16, 2009

A friend indeed..

recently i got reunited with my secondary school gal pal whom was once an *enemy*. lol. we used to be close friend but I cannot remembered what actually happened that we fought, curse and very mean to each other and ends our friendship in sec 3. Imagined we hv been not talking term since 15 yrs old and till our mid-30s.
Through some friends from multiply and facebook, I get her web address and send her a hi. She replied my email once and that is until this year she send another email which is more lengthy and straight to the point. She was in doubt atfirst with reuniting our friendship because you see, my husband was her ex-bf during school. hehe. Probably, she thinks that I purposely showing off my life with my husband is great. But, after i clear the air, she genuinely accept me again as her friend. Alhamdullilah.
you know the feeling of reuniting with a friend is exhilarating. we have put the past behind us and moving forward with our own families. we are happy for each other to find happiness and doing well in life. I harbour no bad intentions whatsoever and glad that my friend has a good life throughtout her life. I am very calm not over excited when we are friends again and i now this one is for keep. I never imagined that now we are going to grow old together and see each other children succeed in life. Maybe, one day both of us might go hajj together. AMIN. you just never know. But through this unexpected events happened in my life, I realised that from the start, we are meant to be friend for life.
apart from this particular friend, i get reunited with a handful of others too. All doing well and have a happy marriage. Alhamdullilah. I felt that i am truly blessed to hv a beautiful family and now I hv my old friends back into my life.
To my friends, let grow old together gracefully and shall we meet again when I am back in spore so taht we can reminicense about our caveman time. lol.

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