Sunday, January 11, 2009


I dunno about you people but I dont like changes.

Its a Taboo for me. Hate hate hated it so much. Even if the changes is for good for the family. Well, i just dont like it. Not tat I am complaining or what but I just want to vent out my dislikeness about changes. Yup, I should rejoiced. Syukur that with the new changes it will change a WHOLE lot better for our family. If not much better for the family. well, i just gonna missed alot of things. But then again, with another baby adding to our family, i dont think i hv much time in future for enjoyment on my own.

The point is I am very lucky to have a very hardworking husband who strive to be the best in whatever he does and give his best to make our life much more better. Syukur.

So, hubby...the *surprised* trip is it on? excited leh...

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