Saturday, May 12, 2012


what is 'love'? a love between a parent and child? a love between husband and wife? a love between siblings? or a love to all humankind? but what if you fall out of love? do u stay on and pretend nothing is wrong? what if you stay but you are miserable and unhappy? In the old days people stayed on a marriage because of children. people stayed friends because of ' those years we known each other'.  what if you have tried so hard to make it works but the other half is not working hard enough. what if you know that your mariage is hanging on a thin rope. a slight movements ( mistake) will snap it what will or can you do? Do you swallowed your pride and carry on or walk away to build your own life and find happiness?  one can only hope for the best.  .....and a shoutout to my nephew who got maried o his high school sweetheart today..congratulations and i wished allthe best to you and a blissful marriage forever after!!!!! L.O.V.E.....bik julie...

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