Tuesday, April 24, 2012

I am never the *kiasu* parent.  Furthermore, my 8 yrs old son make it easy for me because he is a smart boy. I never have to push him to study. He always scored good grades and thus, when it comes to my 2nd,3rd and 4th, i took for granted. What puzzle me is that, whenever I teached my 5 yrs old for her spelling, she learned very fast and get all words correct. But in school, she can only managed 1 or 2 words if you r lucky and normally come back with a big fat 0. It really bothers me and I dunno what to do with her. Beside that after some *investigation* we realised that their current school does not teach the kids to our expectations on their curriculum especially in ENGLISH language. Hence, from then on, it makes us worried. So, we decided to change school. A good school with affordable fees. Unfortunately, they both have to take an assessment test. To my surprised, for the first time my 8 yrs old failed. It was an awakening for me. After re-assess his work from school, i realised that this current school is way behind. My 8 yrs old boy has slacken. Anyway, as much as I disagree with the system to assess a kid intelligent, I have no choiced but to follow the rules.
By ALLAH grace, the vice-principal of the new school has agreed to let my son & daughter to re-take their assesment on monday. So, we have 6 days to input as much as noun, verb, adjectives, etc on his and her tiny brain. And I really pitied them today when they have to study for 2 hours then their normal schdule.

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