Wednesday, April 4, 2012

spring vacation paris/london 2012

day 1 We left at 830pm w jali sending us to the airport. Without wastng anymore im, We checked in right away n had dinner in the departure hall.  Barely  1 hour being with the kds, they made my blood go up. Firstly, maya spilled just bought cola and few minutes later fatin dropped my burger! hubby was furious and threatened them w. cane if they ddnt behave! Me? beyond words! Finally we got to our gate 126 GulfAir and waited to board the plane. The plane ride was quite shakey and im glad it was only an hour flight.  In the plane, adam was excited and was super active n alert!  The cabin crew serve us light sandwich and some snack for the kids meal. My fantastic four were super happy and excited. They kept asking whether we have rech Paris. ...We reached  bahrain airport safely. It was a small airport with few shops. Thus we end up buying a souvenir - a snowglobe n fridge magnet! hehe.  So, while waiting for our next flight at 230am to Paris. I am typing this. hihi. lame!  Till then..... We boarded gulfair 330 n immediately the kids fall asleep. The plane was quite stuffy n the a/c is on low. I have to fan the kids w the menu card! was a smooth flight and 8 hours went by so quickly. As in cue, the kids woke up 1 hour before landing.  As we were walking out from the plane, I was smiling ear to ear n cldnt believed I AM IN PARIS !!!! merci habibie!  The custom is only 15 mins awy fm the plane. I was shocked to see lot of african ppl...the rich one n speak french! after we collected our lugguages we went to collect our rental car. it took almost 1 hr and we paid £420 for it!  And again i said ' i couldnt believed im in PARIS!! ' The GPS brought us to our hotel. The weather was just fine. We finally found our hotel Adagio Aparthotel at Marne La Vallee, our room number 350.  After  resting for abt abt an hour, we make our way to the near by mall La Vallee Village outlet.   Had a mini shopping at H&M.  It was reeaally HUGE mall.  As usual, we checked out the supermarket Auchan.  Oh before that finally i got a jacket at my size at vero moda! so happy! The weather was very cold during night time.  Once back to the hotel, we were so exhausted we slept right away.  I thought i can finally have a good rest but i was wrong,  all 4 kids want to sleep w me so we slept at the living room on the sofa bed! Hubby has the whole bed for himself! lucky him!   ciao bella!!


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junesky said...

welcome to the blogger world...hv fun posting and writing yo~