Saturday, February 26, 2011

get well soon...


I have been away for 1 week and though the place I was at have internet connection,they have blocked Facebook, blogspot and all others social network. Hence, I did not post regularly as much as i want.

Last sunday morning, around 4am, I was awaken by the crying of my 18months old baby boy. When I went over his room, my nanny was trying to pacify him. I noticed that his breathing is very hard. His chest was going up and down n very tense. Quickly, I woke up hubby and told him I am going to bring baby to the hospital. My journey from home to hospital is abt 30mins. I've reached Medcare Hospital at safa at about 5am.

The doctor came to examine him and baby has to use the nebulizer. He has bronchilities and breathless. His chest is wheezing and tight. Hubby came ard 10am to drop the other 3 kids. The two older one did not attend school. Then around noon, the doctor told me that baby has to be admitted. hubby took time off and arrived at the hospital 2 hours later. At 4pm, I drove back home to have the much needed shower & rest for a while. At 8plus, Ireachedthe hospitalagain & saw hubby's hand was full. Quickly, I took over the kids.
My baby boy was hospitalised for 5 days and alhamdullilah, he was discharged yesterday. During his stay in the hospital, my nanny was there with him. Though he was not well, he is still hyper & talkative and playful boy that we all fall in love ...get well soon my son....

my baby boy,

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