Friday, August 20, 2010

Letters To JULIET

Finally, I managed to get LETTERS TO JULIET dvd from Johor bahru last night.
I have to thank my friend, nora hussain for driving me there just to get
dvds for me to watch.

I love the story.
We were into new technology and fast pace in our life now that
we forgot simple things like True love.
The story was written very simply.
About two human beings falls in love when they were teenager...
And they went their separate ways and married other people
but their ONE true love is always in their heart..
and after 50yrs, they met....
simple. no fancy side effect. no matix-ing...

I am afterall a sucker for true love...
TO me, I will cherish my true love forever...

And my true love is non other fantastic four....


royal said...

I also watched this movie last week at my pc and I enjoyed to read such nice movie which have great story.

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