Wednesday, June 16, 2010

14 days to go

2 more weeks and I'm back in singapore, leaving behind my hubby again alone in dubai.
I hv never like this living-separately but I've no choiced. I hv to sacrifices for a better
future for the kids...
I am sure that I will suffer another depression but I've told myself this time,
I will be strong and fulfill my responsibility. I shall not hibernate in my room and *hope*
time flies very fast and Im back in the arms of my hubby.
This time I want to be active & productive and I will start looking for job so that
I can keep myself occupied and at the same time earn some money while i can.
Being away with ur love one is suffering. Being alone is death.
Though I feel that hubby is happy being *single* again, im sure most of the times he misses
the kids.
I am not sure how long this living-separately will be but I hope whatever we are doing
now, will be worth it and our future will be brighter...


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