Sunday, October 25, 2009

they complete me...

He is 2 months old and beginning to aware of his surroundings, eg, light, sounds, our voices and smell.
He drank alot and he is at the right weight for his age & build. Alhamdullilah.
Abit of cry baby which husband sometimes got annoyed by it but he is a good baby
if he is not in pain. lol.
He is beginning to want to *talk* to you and when u talk to him, he will giggle.

Now, this little girl sometimes got *ignored* by us, hence, i realised she is the most pampered one. Because of the guilt that we had made us more lenient to her and that is why she is the naughtier one. lol. She *fights* with her kakak for toys, she will pull her abang hair just for the fun of it. And whenever she ddnt get her way, she will come to me and pretend to cry and I will *play along with her* and pretend to scold the elder siblings. She will get excited when abah is back frm work and will *merajuk* when abah ddnt carry her first. It was such a delight to see her character. At 14months, she knows how to manupulate the parents. hahaha...But at the end of it, abang loves her to bits and she can get away with anything, unlike kakak adik whom abang said is annoying him. lol. hehee...

This is our princess, maya. I still call her adik though she has two younger siblings after her. She loves to talk and talk and with her, i am very lenient especially about studies. I dont pressure her as much as i was with the 1st. With her, I let her learned things on her own time & pace. But sometimes she surprised me with things that she learned frm the TV, eg, little einstein or Dora. She loves being a princess and loves to pose for the camera. SHe learned all the posed frm watching FASHION TV and has learned to catwalk. lol. Hubby is quite lenient to her as well and she can get away with anything just by crying and abah will come to her rescure. lol. She has a nice dimple when she smiles and whenever she goes, people will stop and took picture of her eversince she was a little baby. Unlike, the 3rd one, she loves to smile and hence attracts alot of people.

And of coz, this is my eldest one. The one that make our life and marriage with a purpose. He made us become what we are today. We worked so hard for him and his future. We want to give him the best that we can, and because of that, his siblings benefit from it also. He is the apple of abah's eyes, the air that I breath and the beat of our hearts. The pillar of our strength and the joy of his siblings. He pinned all our hopes on him to set a good example to his younger siblings and hence, we are very hard on him. We felt proud when he does something good and we felt dissapointed if he done something awful. That is the effect he has on us. As for me, I want him to be a successful person in life and a good muslim. I want him to make me proud. Till now, I am very hard on him. I grounded him if he is notty. I took away his toys if he is rude. I make him clean his room and etc. Alhamdullilah, so far he has been a good boy but he has his naughty and stubborn nature.
Once again, i am thankful to have such a beautiful & healthy kids. Syukur ALhamdullilah.

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