Monday, September 7, 2009

it is not that simple

No matter how hard u try,
how sincere you are...
sometimes to certain ppl
you are still not good enough.

I just wonder why ppl have this kind of
negative thoughts.
Why cant they embrace the good things
about others then be calculative abt
what should hv been.

I ve just realised that you cannot please
Take me for an example, I am a very
simple person.
I live my life and mind my own business.
I kept things to myself though it bothers me or
hurt me but being someone who dont like
to create a scene...i always closed both eyes.

But still, some ppl just cldnt leave me alone.
Eventhough, I treated this same ppl with
outmost respect though I knew these ppl dislikes me.
I still being very nice to them and never want to
hurt them. Yet, they somehow find a way to hurt me or
to bring me down. why?

Not long ago, a very close friend once
told me that I hv to watch what I said
to others coz sometime it can be hurtful for them.
But then, so far, I've never said anything that
will hurt these ppl but yet...... is hard to be nice.

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