Wednesday, July 8, 2009


I am someone who never likes complication or stress myself out for nothing.
I am always the happy-go-lucky and easy going person.
And because of that..
Sometimes, my *its-okey* attitude hurts others.
And I guessed that is my flaws.

Just a few days ago, at LAMCY DUGONG,
a stranger, a mother of two,
was surprised that I am going to be
a mother of four young children.

The first thing she asked me,
*can yoru kids get along, dont they hv
sibling rivalry or get jealous of each
I can just muttered a *nope, i dont think so..but then...*
I realised alot of incident showing that
theres sibling rivalry but I never took notice until

When I came back from Mall of Emirates, and,
maya showed haqeem her new notepad.
Haqeem turned to me and asked :*mummy, theres nothing for me?*
I said *No* , u ddnt follow me so I ddnt get u anything.
After a few seconds, while massaging my leg, he was sobbing
At first, I screamed at him for being a cry-baby. But when
i looked at him at that moment, I felt a tinge of sadness.
Slowly, I hugged him and asked him why he cried.
Initially, he was afraid to voice out coz normally,
i will just screamed at him.
Seeing him like that, I felt guilty. I dont want my kids
to be afraid of me and not sharing with me their fears, sadness,
Quickly, I lower my voice and said nicely and coax him
to open up.
After that, I explained to him.
So, when hubby called to ask me to fetch him at 1030pm,
I dragged all 3 kids & the maid and brought them to
park & Shop so haqeem can buy something.

I realised that he does felt jealous of maya thus,
sometimes he can be very *mean* to his sister.
ANd once he told me that maya is annoying. lol

There were many more incidents that I overlooked
it but now i learnt my lesson.
Not everything I can ignore or *care-less* attitude.
I now knew that I have to be sensitive to other
people's feeling and to be more wary of
my surroundings especially regarding
my children.

I hope that I can teach them to be a good person
towards each other and to others.
I want them to be close and protect one another
till they grew old.

Then, I will know that I have done my part
as a mother.

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