Tuesday, June 30, 2009


its 1013pm now, the kids were playing hide & seek with yuni.
It is a joy to see they are having fun, even faatin is not left out, she too
join in and play.

Husband is surfing the net outside while afiq is playing PS3.
I had just finished eating my bagel with cream cheese and
boy it was so delicious! haha.. I paid for dhs27 to have that
at cafe ceramique and it was a blessing when I found the bagel
at spinneys for only Dhs2 each!! bless! hehe..
And the best part, I found the cheese with jalapenos there too!
I have been craving for it since my pregnancy!
The last time I had that when i was in my 20's!
I remembered I used to go the mall opposite Plaza Singapura
and theres one fast food chain (forgot what it was) selling
jalapenos! hehehe..

The kids are still playing hide & seek with the maid.


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