Tuesday, May 26, 2009

My gypsy girl

Initially wanted to get this for faatin for her to wear on her coming birthday but it doesnt hv her size. Since I couldnt resist it, I bought it for my another princess, maya, a.k.a SNOW WHITE (she want ppl to call her that now). lol.
She look so pretty in green. The best part, this TIPSY-GYPSY only carried one design & colour exclusively, so you wont find another person wearing the same! They have adult sizes too. Should i get one for myself too? lol. THe material is silk and it is perfect for our weather now! Maya got alot of compliments when she wore this and yup, she loves the attention.
Since it looked so sweet on her, I am thinking of getting another design for her. hehehe..

1 comment:

Nurifa Elferra said...

cik julie, buy for me one ah. any colour. haha. its pretty (: