Tuesday, April 21, 2009

To move

Finally, we decided to move,
but to 2nd or 5th floor at our same building.
Hubby told me to view the apartment and choose which unit I like,
but I know NON to my liking because I dont fancy a huge Living room,
when hubby told me that he want to make a children play area at one corner!
OMG, it will be a mess, dont you think so?
And there wont be any maid's room, which a must for me because, I dont fancy
the idea of my maid sleeping in the same room at my children. tsk tsk. me no like.
Then, the rent that we going to pay is dhs15k more from the current rent and
it doesnt make sense for us to pay such amount when at present, the rents
are going down by few thousands at other area and some even have bigger space & a maid's room.
What i like is a *villa* or a massionate. I like the idea of living in a 2 storey house. I experienced it before in 2005 and I like it.
I know hubby likes it too but suddenly he changed his mind. sigh...
I wonder why........
Nevertheless, I will try to convince him again because like i said, if theres no maid's room. Then Forget about it.
That is my final answer.
Pray hard.

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