Tuesday, March 10, 2009


I was upset.
Or rather felt sad that my girl was sick too.
Yesterday night, suddenly she had a bad cough.
Then she was *gasping* for her too.
Like as she was having asthma or her chest was congested.
I felt helpless.
I gave her some medication but she was crying in pain.
I can see she was breathing hard.
Her chest went up & down and she kept on saying *mummy, pain2*.
Woke hubby up.
Angry with him for not caring enough for maya.
He went back to sleep until i shoke him up again I said angrily that maya is not well.
Asked him to bring her to the ER but he was nonchalant.
Too tired.
Yah, playing PS3 or golf at the wee morning not tired!
quite pissed.
After about 15mins, she still coughing
Then she vomitted.
Great, all the plegm was out.
She felt a bit better, and was too tired and falls asleep.
I felt sad.
That I am not in a good health too to care for her.
Because, I am still having a mild asthma now.
Still trying to get better.
InsyaAllah, this will be over soon.
N my girl will bounced back to her energetic self.
My poor little girl.
Now, I have to make sure hana wont catch the virus too.

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