Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Being a SAHM

Sometimes I do feel resentment being a SAHM, tsk tsk tsk, bad mummy.
It is not an easy task to nurture your offsprings and taking care of them so that when they grow up, they are succesful in life. But I do admits that I love seeing my childrens grow up infront of me and learned things that I taught them. And they can amazed you with the knowledge that you dont know that they posses. I also do love seeing my kids playing by themselves with their silly antics, and make up songs. How adorable that can be! And when they fought with each other but after awhile they become best buddy all over again.
My boy, he loves telling me what he does all day at school. Maya loves to read (read : make a mess of the bookshelves!) and while doing things she loves to sing and *gelek2*. As for the youngest, of coz, mummy is her world..she is so attached to me that she will only stop crying if i sat beside her. Itu pun happy tau budak nie..
The point is..
I was touched by what my girl did yesterday. Though it was a small matter but for me, I have successfully teach her something. In the midst of my screaming and yelling and canning, she do catch or understand things that i have been saying. lol.
You see, yesterday, while i was busy cleaning & scrubbing the kitchen. Suddenly, came a tiny hands held out towards me. Maya came to the kitchen with a cup which she was trying to clear from the living room. heh. One by one, she passed the cup to me and helped me clear the table. hehe..I was so touched. sejuk perut aku, its may not be a big deal to any of u, but it is to me. She afterall has learned to be helpful. Tak sia2 aku ajar ...
And now, I hv no regrets. I love being a SAHM.

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