Monday, December 1, 2008

sleeping disorder

whenever i went to bed its hard for me to fall asleep. unless i am sitting down position.

so yesterday i went to bed around 2am. i cldnt sleep. turning & tossing ard. frustrated. then a few minutes later faatin woke up and i gave her some water to drink & changed her diaper. she fell asleep again. abt half an hour later, maya woke up crying and wanted milk. after she had her milk, she fell asleep. Ten minutes later she vomitted. woke up hubby and he cleaned maya up and I changed the bedsheet. it was 330am. still i cldnt sleep. Then i sit on the bed and as per normal, i fell asleep. suddenly, i fell on my knee & my teeth hit faatin's cot. hahaha. i must hv fallen asleep while sitting down and lose my balance! I yelled for my hubby but he is in la-la-la land. he will only woke up when his fone is ringing..(pathetic right)..anyway, i sat on the bed and nurse my aching knee. then i took my pillow and i slept at the end of the bed.

i think age is catching up with me. whenever i sit at the living room, i can instantly falls asleep. But when i went to bed, i had difficulty sleeping.

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