Sunday, December 28, 2008

selling all your stuffs?

Today I had a conversation with a girlfriend who made me thinking.
We talked about alot of stuffs from friends, money issues, husbands, parents and whether our children able to take care of us when we are old. heh. But the thing that stuck to my mind is when she agreed what another friend suggestion. To sell all my bags. LVs, Coachs, Lacoste, Lesportsac, Longchamp, etc. Her defence, to get new one and keep on updated. hmmp. Firstly, I am someone who appreciate all the stuffs that I hv irregardless whether it is branded or not. As long as I like, I will get it. Eventhough, the stuffs that i hv are from love ones or friends or I bought it myself. I wont or cldnt sell it off. It is just not me. I treasure all my stuffs 100%. To me, every purchased has a story. Example, my first bonus or first gift from hubby or I hv been saving for years to get it. u get the drift. Of course, I like to have the lastest but IF only I COULD afford and It ADDS to my collection but to sell off the old and get a new one..its a No for me.
But somehow, I am thinking otherwise. I am ready for a change afterall 2009 is all about new adventures and new changes. I was thinking that in order to make way for a new path, I have to erase the old. Hmmp..I am still 50/50 to the idea of selling all my Favourites stuffs. But hey, sometimes I can surprised myself too! lol.
So, we shall see whether will i be the old me or a new me.
Well, what about u guys? any advice or opinion?

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