Friday, December 5, 2008


ok ok..I hv a dream place that i wanted to go since i was 20 yrs old.
My first job was at this construction firm at Ang mo kio industrail area. At that time, my company has a project in Maldives.
So, when the engineers showed me the pictures of Maldives 16 yrs ago, it was still bare but when i saw the Island surrounded with a clear blue ocean. I fell in love. I hv never seen such a beautiful places ever.
And at that time, i told myself that if I were to go honeymoon, i wants to go there. lol. But then of cos, i ddnt and almost forgotten about it.
Since now we are staying nearer to Europe, I feel like going there. InsyaAllah.


shireen said...

My dream place too!!!
Bila agaknya bole pi eh? *sigh*

junesky said...

bila eh? tunggu budak2 dah besar by then kita dah tua eh..time tu kita sibuk nak gie haj lak