Wednesday, December 3, 2008

I am in love

you know I'm not the type who likes to go for holiday.
when i was in my 20s, i dont even go to JB and even KL i went twice with my parents.
I spend my time and money in sunny singapore every single day for 10 yrs, lol. But things changed when i met my hubby and he was surprised that I never even go to
So, through him he brought me to places. But that doesnt mean I went to many countries lah! lol. When I got to know him, he was riding Super Four and it was my first time ride a bike. obviously, we will always go to JB to top up petrol and i discovered CITY SQUARE. lol.
After few months of dating, hubby bought our first car which is Honda Civic and then he brought me to KL. When we hv the car, we went to KL quite frequently because hubby doesnt like the hussle and bussle of singapore especially orchard road. heh.
Then when he found out that I never boarded a plane. He decided to bring me along with his eldest sis & brother in law to aceh, Indonesia. Yup. My first virgin plane experienced. Aceh was a very nice place and the people were very friendly. Initially, I was reluntant to go because I am not the lasak kind of girl. I want a room with atleast a fan and private bathroom. The reason, I will take very long time to shower and get ready. I hv this strange way to get on make up first then spray ALLURE hair mist on my hair n blow dry my hair then put on my clothes and lastly spray on my parfum! hehe..all these i hv to do infront of a fan so that i wont perspire. If i do it wrongly or theres no fan in the room or i hv to do it in a hurry, it will spoil my entire day. I will feel lousy or worst angry. hehe..(but now with 3 kids in tow, apa2 pun bleh asal cepat2 siap n go! lol)
Ok back to the story, the 2nd time i go for a holiday was of cause my honeymoon. That was PERFECT. Hubby took 1 month leave and we planned our trip. We started our driving trip from Gold Coast, brisbane then to sydney stopping for a night at some cheap motel and discovered the beauty of australia where some places were not even tourist attraction. It was a great journey for us. After sydney we went to melbourne our last stop. It was nice. It was the greatest and memorable for us. We fell deeper in love with each other with beautiful scenery surrounded us. It was spectacular! U wldnt want to go home. hehehe.
and that was our last holiday too. hurhur.
Alot of stuffs happened and we moved to dubai. Gone were our plans to have a break every year to nearby country and places eg. bangkok, bali, cebu..etc.
4 years later, our next destination is to Istanbul, Turkey. It was a trip that is worth it. I was 6 months pregnant with my 3rd child and though it was winter and i was tired walking n climbing the hills. It was the place that I fall in love. I told hubby that I dont mind going to turkey again. The place was so nice and beautiful. The people were friendly and thus it was a place where u can enjoy and chill.

I know i hv yet to discover alot more country where I will simply fall in love with the people, culture or places. InsyaAllah, when we hv more rezeki, we will have a yearly family holiday. As for right now, since both our parents are alive, our yearly trip is to

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