Monday, December 15, 2008

criminal minds

I cannot wait for season 4 of criminal minds to air in dubai.
So, I try to search it in youtube and ta-daa they have the complete episode. woohoo.
The last season they show one of the FBI SUV exploded and one of them were in it. I was so happy that none of them die except Kate (who appeared few times in this episodes..) die.
I can say that besides CSI Miami, NCIS, criminal minds is one of my favourite too. I loved watching this kind of shows. Not too keen on LOST, PRISON BREAK, lipstick jungle, Cashmere Mafia but recently, i start watching the older episodes of SEX & THE CITY coz I was never a FAN of this show. kira2 aku nie backdated ah..heheh....
As time flies, you grow up with what shown on the TV. When I was in my early 20s, FRIENDS & MAD ABOUT YOU sitcome was the hip show. Then in my mid 20s, Law & order is one of the show that I wldnt miss it, etc. Now in my early 30s, those are the shows that I am hooked to it. lol.
A friend ever commented that I am sick in my mind coz i like watching shows like, Jeepers Creepers, The HILLS has eyes, Predator (all episodes), Tremors, etc. But, SAW (all episodes), HOSTEL..etc,,gives me the creeps. lol.

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