Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Me & my dad

This was taken 1 day before i went back to dubai. He requested to take a picture with me and I remembered he was joking that it might be the last picture of us.
This may sound cliche n everyone has story about how great their father is. Likewise, me too, my father is a great man. A man with few words but firm. He taught me how to ride a bycycle when I was 5. He waited for me at the school gate every evening without fail when I was in primary school. He brought me to Holland Village every saturday to shop at my favourites pl, HELLO KITTY shop. It was our saturday ritual untill I went to Secondary school. He taught me how to play badminton. He taught me how to take bus No. 13 from Ghim moh (our house) to orchard road and let me go to orchard on my own when i was 9 yrs old. He taught me how to go to Queenstown Library when i was 7yrs old. Whatever I wanted, he will get for me. I am afterall daddy's girl. He never make me do things that I do not want to do. He never scolded me nor hit me. But he always be there for me. He pampered me. I am his angel and he is my pillar of strength. And now, I prayed to ALLAH to take away his pain & make him well soon. I love you, father.

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