Friday, March 11, 2011

snow white

For this month, maya colour theme to school is WHITE. So I  told her I am going to get a white princess dress for her. After thinking for a while, she told me she doesnt want to be white princess. She said she wants to be different from other girls. Being a fashionista, she requested to wear a white dress but NO princess dress. I chuckled when I heard what she said. At a tender age of 4 yrs old, she knows what she want & dont want? Though I am proud of her *maturity*, I felt sad that my baby is growing up too fast. ;(.
Luckily I found a nice 50's layered white dress which she loves very much. And on the day, she asked me to curl her hair, initially she wants to put a headband but she changes her mind & opt for a blue hairclip instead. hehe.


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Lolei said...

She is gorgeous!!