Thursday, January 27, 2011

potterybarn NOT!

My little project has finished. I bought some decals to paste on the kid's bedroom and it turned out nice. Hopefully, they want to sleep in their room from today onwards. Hubby is trying to get the kids sleep in their own room but I was a little bit reluntant. They seems to grow up so fast and i miss my babies. The only one who haven't has the luxury of  sleeping with us is my youngest baby. Right now, he is very happy sleeping with the nanny. I AM JEALOUS. So, i told hubby to let the little rugrat sleeping with us. The 3 bigger rugrats will learn to sleep in their room.
I have thrown away ALOT of their toys and now the room is more spacious compared to the last time. Anyway, we hv stop buying toys for the kids coz we want them to learn to appreciate what they have. The only time we will get for them toy is when their birthday or when they do extremely well in their studies.
 Maya & Hana shared a bed. While haq will sleep on his own.
                       Entrance to their room.
                 The place for them to sit & read book.
                                                         Haq's bed.
                                                           Maya's bed.
         The wall decal  I got from the school bookfair.


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