Friday, August 13, 2010

Happy 4th Birthday Maya!

I couldnt believed that my girl is turning 4th on 2nd August,2010.
How time flies.
Still remembered the day she was born & we brought her back to dubai
when she was just 2 weeks old.
Then we held a small party to celebrate her arrival with closest friends
in dubai.
In a blink, she grew up so fast and I missed her being a baby.
She was afterall a very good baby and toddler.
Love to dress up since she was 1 yr old and now she is good at posing
for the camera....
And now, she is a big sister to 1 bb sister & 1 bb brother and she adores them
very much.
She is really a girly girl..a girl that u can imagined to be..loves make up, loves
dressing up and very gently. Never raised her voice to her brothers or sister.
Never dare to hit them though sometimes she tried to be fierce with them but
then she will soften up.
A very thoughtful little girl and the only one who dare to call his daddy *silly monkey*..lolz..
A very sweet girl and will always want to tag along wherever i go.
Happy 4th Birthday, my little princess, Maya Asyura!
Mummy hope u hv a wonderful birthday party and May ALLAH bless
u with good health & hard & be a good girl.

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