Wednesday, June 24, 2009


I am utterly sad.
Lost of words.
And dissappointed.

Always the unlucky one.
Always got to be blamed.
If only.....u know me well..coz I can be stupid and blunt
most of the time.
I wrote what I think because it never meant to offend,
insult anybody. To me, its ok. I can be so *bo-chap* like that.
Never learned my lesson.

Really dont know what should i do now.
Really dont know what should i say.
getting misunderstood is bad.
wrongly accused of something that really
never cross my mind is really sad.
I should hv just shut up and keep it to myself.

I hate this feeling.
And I hate being put into this situation.

To you,
If i have offended you in one way or another
I know there is no turning back.
But i hope you know that
it was never meant for you.

Life is such ..when you think that your action
will make people understand you more,
somehow, it was mis-read and mis-judged.

To show that I respect you & meant no harm,
I have deleted the two entries that have caused this
misunderstanding in the first place.
I hope I have clear the air and make peace with you.
Anyway, never intended to cause this situation in the first place.
Till then, you know I will always regard you as one of my close friend.

FYI, anyway, you are one of a handful of friends who knows about my blogspot. seriously, i create this blog is for me to pen down my feelings like in a thats y not many ppl know abt this blogspot. so just to let u know.

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