Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Tea party

This afternoon I played tea party with my girls, maya & hana,
we pretended to sip hot tea & eat cupcakes and story telling..
As for hana, she kept on laughing whenever maya made funny faces and pretend to
feed her with *plastic* biscuit...
Then, maya was saying that abah is coming back soon and I feigned to be scared
and said :oh no, the house in the mess and i hvnt start cooking, how? can you tell babah not
to scold mummy..
and she took out a phone from her pocket and said : babah, later u dont scold mummy,
hokay..she is very tired and she has baby in her stomach!! lol.
she is such a sweetie, right..
And then, she saw haqeem's potrait in the room and asked me : where is my picture? I want my picture hokay...lol....
we had so much fun that we giggle and roll around on the bed and after about 45mins, both of them fall asleep..
That is the best part of my life.
Being a mum and spend some quality time with my girls.

PS : on another note, haqeem has started to learn some surah and I am so proud of him.

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