Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The one who loves shoes

She is going to turn 3 yrs old on 2nd august 2009.
And going to attend nursery in September.
She is the 2nd child and she is such a princess.
Loves to dress up and shoes.
She speaks very well and we can hv a conversation with her,
and she understands what we are saying.
Loves to annoyed her brother but very lovable towards
the youngest one.
Adored the abah very much and will get upset if she
made me upset. lol
She is a leo and hence, she is very fierce.
She does protect her sister or brother when
other kids bully them.
Hopefully, they will hv a strong bond towards each other
and I would love to see them being close as a siblings,
PS : check out the Indian bangles. she loves it very much.


mypurpleyes said...

maya mcm mak nenek ah!! hehe

azza said...

Was blog-hopping, happen to read your blog.

Ur Gerl is sucha Doll..Hehehee
u have a nice family..
Have a nice day!
And Oh..Happy Mother's day!