Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Missing her

was happy to receive a call from Kuala lumper, malaysia this morning.

my best friend, sid, called to ask about my dad and us. I really miss her alot. I can talk to her about anything. our friendship was an accident. she left the firm about 3 days after i joined. We exchanged numbers and than one day, I text her and she replied. I was so surprised that she is as witty as I am!! We spoke the same language. We were crazy. In a day,we exchanged text abt 100msges!! lol. We went on like that for 3 months and then she was busy working but we still kept in touch. She came for my wedding. She met my family. I met her family. Seriously, i never have such friendship with my other friends. When I came to dubai, we still texting each other daily and I miss her terribly! But to my delight, she came to dubai wit her cousin and stayed in dubai for 3 years. Got married here and have a child. She stayed about 15mins drive away from my house and I love to chill at her place and chit chat. Oh how i miss it.

Anyhow, I hope we can meet again when I come down to spore or KL.

Hugs & kisses to you, sid and amoury..

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