Sunday, December 14, 2008

Lets GO!

My little cupcake, maya, is ill. She had her 2 yrs old vaccinations and thus she fell ill today. Her temperature was so high that her cheeks turn rosy. Very clingy with the abah since today abah is not working.

And today, OFFICIALLY, I become a driver again. Fetching haqeem from school throughout this semester. unless hubby decided A) to pay the school bus again or b) refer to A. lol No more waking up late but to wake up at 7am and starts to clean/wash/cook before the 2 princess wake up ard 10am. Then I hv to feed them and bath them. And also i hv to bath early now coz by 2.30pm I hv to leave home tagging along my two girls to school. kalau tak kurus pun tak tau lah mcm mana! lol.

And CONGRATS to haqeem for getting overall aggregate for his 2nd term Exam at 15.5%/20%. Good Job sweetheart but must try harder next time.

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