Thursday, November 27, 2008

still deciding

Our plans to go for a short break to beirut or zurich was cancelled. The reason because hub want me to go back singapore to spend time with my dad who is not well now.
I already made my decision and we will see how things turn out. But hubby still insist that I go back singapore end of this week. I am reluntant this time round coz I wil be there with 3 kids in tow and I hv to be at the hospital everyday and it will be such a hassle. My mother in law has offered to help me to take care of the baby but she is sick as well. And also, my new maid is coming and I am afraid that if i postpone her arrival here she might go n look for other employer. I cannot waste any more time to search for a new maid. And this one is recommended by our friend.
such a dilemma....

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mypurpleyes said...

its ok u can put the kids here..not an issue. arian pun can bond with the cuzzins. impt u need to be there with ur dad. let us know ok if u guys coming