Saturday, November 29, 2008


Yesterday I had a good night sleep. Everybody was sleeping soundly and baby slept thru the night too! Alhamdullilah..
Today, hub is in good mood and he agreed to bring us to hv dinner at Bustan Rotana Hotel, Benihana for sushi. yipee! The last time we were there was last year with afza & aida.
Ok, update about my father, he decided not to go for the op and had requested to go home. His wound has not fully recover so a nurse hv to come every 2 days to clean it. The costs for it is SG$53 per visit. I have tried pursuading my dad to go for the op but he is very stubborn! Anyway, I hv told hub that there is no need for me to go back. I hope that the wound will recover otherwise it will spread to his body and that will be very critical.

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