Sunday, November 30, 2008


Those who knows me, will know that i will not pass off any chance to go back singapore but not this time.I know i was kidding myself when in my mind I thought that if i didnt go back to singapore now, I will pro-long his fate (if) he is leaving us forever. I know *ajal maut* is in HIS hand. I am scared that THIS will be the last I see him if i go back now. tsk tsk.. I know its very bad of me to think this way. I know I hv no power over this but just doa' for the best for dad. Even mother told me to pray from afar and dont hv to worry too much or come back because she dont want to trouble us. There are so many factors I hv to think about beside that silly thought of mine. I know hub is very supportive. Since we hv cancel our holiday, he has been on standby mode to book a ticket for me to go spore. heh. Furthermore, december has many events & festivities for the kids, and I hv planned up some activities for the kids awaiting approval from theirs abah. lol.
ok, anyway, i hv few more days before the last call for me to decide. Thank you hub for being so understanding & patience with me. lup dup u ..wink2

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